Queens House Showcase

Art Gallery, Exhibition & Meeting Space

Queens House Showcase, Paragon St Hull.
Open to the public every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday, 11am – 4pm

Creative ENRG is proud to present our gallery and exhibition space in the centre of Hull, the 2017 City of Culture. The Queens House showcase has a full calendar of exhibitions taking place throughout 2017.

Current Exhibition

An exhibition of work and live art by Hull artists Matt Hopper and Adam John Wilson is on display at Queens House Showcase.

Culture vultures can experience a drawing takeover at the Queens House Showcase, as Hull artists Matt Hopper and Adam John Wilson become artists in residence.

Former students of Hull School of Art & Design, Matt and Adam continue to develop their styles and techniques. Whilst Matt uses drawing, painting and sculpture to uncover elements that we often miss in our everyday environments, Adam’s process focuses entirely on drawing, experimenting with pattern and process to explore new methods of visual expression.

Audiences can observe each artist as they develop live works throughout the course of the exhibition, which runs for a full month. Adam’s large-scale piece is over three metres in length, accompanied by sketches of the space and its visitors. This creative form of documentation results in the very process of a public-facing project become integral to the end result. Meanwhile, Matt is putting together a two-dimensional composition that can be viewed in 3D with special virtual reality glasses, merging medieval and contemporary images that link our distant past with the familiarities of today’s UK City of Culture.

Adam comments: “I’ve always been interested in drawing, it’s such an immediate way to respond to what you see and to explore shapes, line and form. I’m excited to be showing at Queens House Showcase, as it’s the first opportunity I’ve had to create a new work entirely in situ as part of a residency.”

Adam’s drawings demonstrate how the immediate qualities of mark making come together to produce a whole that is greater than its parts. In his work, repeating examples of line and tone interact and eventually unite to present a configuration of natural evolution. The artist was recently working in London for the Fountain 17 project as part of Clerkenwell Design Week, sponsored by Armitage Shanks. This saw him chronicle a street scene across the porcelain surfaces of the products using a single continuous line.

“This everyday environment is full of inspirations and mysteries,” he says. “I’m constantly inspired to investigate these places through drawing, painting and even sculpture, music and film, to unlock their hidden histories and the different essences of place.”

Matt’s approach is quite different. Combining pen and ink with painting, his previous collection Altered Estates uncovers the hidden dimensions of modern urban life in the Bricknell Estate. The outcome is a true reflection of the commonplace features that we often miss, the function they perform, and our relationship with them in our daily surroundings.

Fuelled by creativity and innovation, together Adam and Matt are working with Creative ENRG to develop this joint exhibition, featuring a collection of recent pieces alongside emerging work produced in the gallery as part of their artist residencies.

Concentrating on line, Adam’s approach explores ideas of rules, processes and repetitions. These organic drawings grow naturally; each stage is dependent on its predecessor, as gently morphing shapes transform into large abstracts. Matt’s pen drawings employ orderly scribbles that build to create minutely detailed, almost photorealistic images. Influenced by stories, nostalgia, history and memories, his work seeks not to document, but to capture a special essence of person or place.

Practice in Process puts both artists and their work in dialogue. By opening up the ordinary as a topic of conversation, the familiar becomes a strange, beautiful and fascinating entity that will delight and surprise the viewer. Juxtaposing the figurative against the abstract with the observable world at its core, each artist’s work counterpoints the other – different approaches with similar inspirations.

Practice in Process is on display at Queens House Showcase on Paragon Street in Hull from 11th October to 10th November inclusive. Opening times are every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 11am-4pm; all other times are by appointment. Entry is free.

Upcoming Exhibitions
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Past Exhibitions

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